“I was going through a very dark, rough time in my life when I met Michael Levester. He told me about his services and I decided to go in for the free appointment. It was a decision that ultimately contributed to the beginning of my healing process. He taught me how to deal with my thoughts, my emotions, and how to make better decisions going forward. The best thing about Michael is that EVERYTIME I finish a session, I leave feeling better than when I walked in. Thank you, Michael Levester.”

Rocky F.


Michael has been an inspiration in my life. He has helped me in my relationship with my partner which with his knowledge and professionalism was able to salvage my relationship. I look forward to additional coaching in the future. What a great asset he is to me and the community.

Don J.

Michael Levester’s approach on life coaching is very unique and effective. The way he explains things are easy to understand which helps in applying it to my everyday life. I only wish I could have known him longer and maybe I wouldn’t have made as many mistakes in the past.

Gabe D.

My fiancé and I at the time were having difficulties in our relationship and at times were ready to call off our engagement.  However, we started coaching sessions with Michael Levester and he opened up a new outlook on not only marriage, but us as individuals. After only a few sessions it became clear what the issues were and he gave us solutions and encouragement on how to resolve them. Today, we can say that we are happily married and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Keith & Kim D.

Michael is an attentive listener and a great encourager. He challenges you and really forces you to think. He reminds you that you have the power to change your situation.

Nicole J.