The economy has had its ups and downs over the last several years and household incomes have experienced difficulties in meeting expenses by the end of the month. Contrary to popular belief money is not “the root of all evil.” In fact, it’s a necessity in most of he world excluding those parts that may still barter. Financial success means different things to different people. However, even the people who have achieved what most of society considers to be financial success still need to have a tune up every now and then to maintain their assets. Here in the U.S. the dollar is still holding its value compared to other countries. If used correctly, you can experience some of the things you’ve long for.

My financial coaching focuses on working with what the client currently has rather than what they desire. In other words, if a millionaire doesn’t understand and know how to maintain the million they have, they will not be able to maintain larger assets that they may get in the future.

Consequently, the techniques that are used in conjunction with the client’s personal thoughts can assist them with making better decisions with their current finances and potentially lead them to their own personal goal of financial freedom.