Everyone desires to have good relationships with others. However, divorce appears to be increasing every year and is often due to infidelity, drugs, abuse or finance. Although, in the past, men were notorious for cheating in a relationship, these days we’re finding that woman are beginning to cheat nearly as much as men, especially in challenged relationships.

Realistically, a relationship isn’t what it use be. Maybe the question should be asked; are people becoming prostitutes if there is only sex and no legal commitment involved? In addition, open versus monogamous relationships are becoming popular. Understandably, social contact is a part of human nature, but has the idea of a true relationship from a few decades ago become antiquated or is being sexual enough? In other words, how should it be classified; a marriage, a friendship, lovers, or a booty call? Still others may say it’s the same as being a call girl/guy without a stage name.

I understand at times it can be challenging in life whether with friends or family in developing relationships with people. There are many distractions in the world that lead to bad decisions and we end up with lust instead of love. My goal is to assist you in finding true love, companionship, friendship and happiness with another. Consequently, I also want to help those who feel that the fire in their relationship has gone out by providing them with tools to reestablish the spark of what was experienced in the beginning.

But, exactly what is or what does that spark consist of? Could it be hobbies, or other types of interest? How do you keep it from going out or even dissipating? Is the spark physical or is it simply mental or both? Are there other things to consider when keeping the spark going? These are just a few questions that will be discussed in detail and resolved according to the specific type of relationship you were and/or are being challenged by currently.