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Michael Levester

Michael Levester, MA, is a life coach who helps people create change in their lives to achieve their personal and professional goals. Michael holds Associates degrees in Social Science and Liberal Arts; a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Human Behavior. Over the past 20 years he has provided support to individuals, small groups and large audiences in multiple settings including countries outside of the U.S.

In 1995 Michael began utilizing various techniques to bring out the best in his clients. This process begins by meeting the client exactly where they are in life. His approach concentrates on getting to the root of problems to help clients resolve issues.

As part of his sessions, he teaches the eight laws of health to enhance the quality of life. Michael’s ultimate goal is not to change the client, but to help the client make the decision to change according to what will enhance, excite, motivate and deliver the most important things in life which are love, peace, joy and happiness. Founded in Sacramento, California Michael Levester now has locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with plans to expand to the New York area in the near future.

Michael is a father of two children and has great relationships with them. A few of his hobbies are: piloting, scuba diving, golf, reading and writing.


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relationship elements

For Parental, Marital, & Friendships

Three key elements are needed in any relationship, without them eventually the relationship will perish.


What is Love?    


How to develop trust in a relationship.


Communication is key!

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Author, Playwright, Director, & Producer

CheckMate-The Play

We Need To Talk – The Book

We Need To Talk – The Play


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