Being afraid can be very uncomfortable and people have various reasons for those types of fears and feelings. Some have experienced a traumatic episode with the specific phobia and others, in many cases, have a fear of the unknown.

Whether it’s simple, social or agoraphobia, it tends to dampen a person’s life in a negative way. Being scared of something isn’t something that anyone should have to experience in life. Suffice it to say, I want to meet my client where they are and help them to have a better understanding and not just about what their phobia is, but to also help them with the meaning of fear in general. In addition, I also define the difference between a feeling of legitimate fear and an irrational one which often times leads to anxiety or panic attacks.

My goal is to coach the client with methods that will motivate a desire to overcome negative thoughts and feelings that have interfered with the quality of the client’s lifestyle.